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Jen Martin

Jen Martin

A psychological coach and corporate trainer working with SMEs, multinationals and individuals across a wide range of sectors. Jen has spent the last decade working internationally with C-suite executives, government officials, diplomats, singers and actors. Having transitioned from Law in Psychology, Jen’s work optimises business and leadership communication, growth and change management, cultivating innovation, problem solving and performance under pressure through her leadership research with political, sporting and business leaders. Jen champions and specialises in Vulnerability and Psychological Safety. Other areas of research interest includes Self-Efficacy, Imposter Phenomenon, Resilience, Cognitive Flexibility and Optimal Performance.


Session Synopsis

In recent months, the professional landscape has changed beyond recognition. Gone are the micro-moments of connection in the office, the mini-communications, quick questions and the brief coffees that fostered connection and fuelled commitment.

With the rise of remote working, engagement needs to be reimagined. Different work circumstances require different ways of thinking, ways of being, ways of responding, ways of engaging our staff and teams. Changed circumstances, call for changed approaches. More than ever we are required to have hard, tough, uncomfortable conversations. Our willingness to face and embrace these discomforts is the foundation upon which good teams thrive and organisations flourish.

Vulnerability, trust and transparency, empowerment and psychological safety provide the foundation upon which engagement is fostered. This talk explores the empirical and practical links between vulnerability and engagement, to the benefit, wellbeing and inclusive nature of the organisation.

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