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Sarah Mason

Sarah Mason

Sarah Mason is the Chief People Officer at Foxtons.  Her background covers a wide range of HR roles focused on improving performance of organisations through good people practices.  This includes roles in L&D, recruitment, organisational design, change management and HR leadership to ensure businesses have the people, processes and results they need.

Sarah is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD.  Alongside her HR background Sarah has a focus on Business Psychology, taking an evidence-based approach in her work.  She has a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Organisational Psychology and has previously been a Board Member of the Association of Business Psychology. 


Session Synopsis

What have penguins and mice got to do with organisational change?  A review of popular approaches to organisational change (and some myth-busting).

Lots of fields of psychology love a framework and the area of organisational change is no exception.  In keeping with the ‘Evidence-based’ theme, this session will take a look back and explore the myriad of approaches and models in this field.  We will challenge a few of the commonly-held beliefs and mantras (including asking the question why do popular org change models feature penguins and mice).  We’ll also be looking at case studies and unpacking some of the complexities that impact on successfully achieving sustainable change in businesses.  Whilst many practitioners and businesses are looking for a silver bullet to tackle their complex change issues, we will consider some of the practical approaches that can support successful transformation in the future.

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