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The latest episode of POW, the Psychology of Work podcast, features a fascinating interview with Eric Singler, the Founder, President and CEO of the BVA Nudge Unit, recorded at the 2019 ABP Conference following his keynote speech. Eric is also Global Managing Director of the BVA Group, one of the 15 largest consulting and market research firms in the world ( Eric is an entrepreneur, a marketing & research expert, a pioneer in applied behavioural sciences, an author and a lecturer. In this episode Eric discusses how he discovered the value of behavioural science for addressing business problems, when nudge is best applied (and how to ‘nudge for good’), barriers to implementation of behavioural science, the ethics of nudging and when a nudge becomes a ‘sludge’, and describes how BVA Nudge Unit helped the UN encourage men to sign up for the #HeForShe movement addressing gender equality.

Listen to “Episode 13 – Eric Singler, CEO and founder of BVA Nudge Unit, on driving successful behaviour change” on Spreaker.


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