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This episode of POW, the Psychology of Work podcast, features a fascinating discussion with Kate Waters, Director of Strategy and Client at ITV, and Rory Sutherland, vice chair of Ogilvy UK, TED talk superstar and ABP Honorary Member, recorded at the 2019 ABP Conference. They discuss how biases inform how we think about behaviour, TV, advertising, technology, and the value of psychological ‘moonshots’ in business.

At the conference Kate delivered a brilliant talk on how psychology informs ITV’s advertising and programming, including the cultural impact of their show ‘Love Island’. In this episode she explains how ITV have used behavioural insights to generate commercial opportunities from programming for ITV, and the value of challenging conventional wisdom.

Rory was a 2019 conference keynote speaker and delivered an extremely entertaining talk on behavioural science and the power of counter-intuitive ideas (as described in his book ‘Alchemy’). In this episode he discusses how we must we wary of seeing bias everywhere, and how dominate technological solutions like Zoom leverage behavioural insights to succeed.

Listen to “Episode 14 – Kate Waters and Rory Sutherland on behavioural biases and psychology in marketing” on Spreaker.

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