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In conversation with Rob Feltham prior to his presentation to the recent ABP annual conference, Rob Baker discusses why modern work practices are failing us – constraining rather than amplifying our diverse skills, strengths, passions and interests. Globally over 90% of us aren’t engaged, excited, and energised about our jobs. Rob argues that Job Crafting is part of the solution, shaping work around people rather than expecting people to contort themselves around their jobs. The practice of Job Crafting is a growing field of academic study, but to date is largely untapped from a business perspective. There have been some early adopters including Google, Logitech, and Virgin money, and Rob provides fascinating examples based on his experience of introducing the approach to organisations.

Rob Baker is a psychologist and founder of Tailored Thinking an award-winning positive psychology, HR and wellbeing consultancy. Rob’s work, ideas and research on job crafting has been presented at academic and professional conferences around the globe.

Listen to “Episode 24: Work is broken – An interview with Rob Baker, author of ‘Personalisation at Work’” on Spreaker.

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