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In an absorbing discussion with Alex Forsythe, Nuala discusses her research into bystander effects in organisations, and outlines the practical steps that companies can take to encourage their employees to ‘blow the whistle’ on unethical behaviours. Nuala also discusses her own career and explains some of the career routes available to those looking to work in her field.

Nuala is Founder and CEO of MindEquity, and Founding Director of the Global Association of Applied Behavioural Scientists. Her experience spans three decades in financial services at Merrill Lynch, BlackRock, PA Consulting, and Standard Life Aberdeen. She has been appointed to various advisory Boards including UN Women; The Football Association; World Athletics; the Innocence Project; and TSLombard. Nuala is lecturer and speaker with degrees in three disciplines, and her work has featured in Harvard Business Review and in Forbes.

Alex Forsythe is Professor of Psychology at the University Wolverhampton and Chair of the ABP.

Listen to “Episode 25: A single voice can make a difference – An interview with Nuala Walsh” on Spreaker.

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