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In a wide-ranging discussion with Rob Feltham, Nathalie shares her insights into factors that help make some businesses and brands resilient and sustainable in competitive markets and during challenging times.  Topics covered include the Thoughtful Marketing movement, the interaction of values-based consumer choices and purchasing power, and the market dominance of some global brands.

Nathalie’s background in human behaviour, web design and the arts offer a unique vantage point from which to examine the complex challenges we face today. Her best-selling book: Webs Of Influence: The Psychology of Online Persuasion has been adopted as the go-to manual by business leaders and universities alike, and her new book, Business Unusual: Values, Uncertainty and the Psychology of Brand Resilience, has been described as “One of the defining business books of our times”. A behavioural science advisor and host of The Hive Podcast, Nathalie helps clients including Google, Accenture, Unilever and Harvard Business Review, to ethically apply behavioural science principles to enhance their business.

Rob Feltham is Podcast Editor of The ABP.

Listen to “Episode 28: Brand resilience in turbulent times – A conversation with Nathalie Nahai, author of Business Unusual” on Spreaker.

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