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In discussion with Rob Feltham, Stewart shares his innovative approach to personality assessment, and in particular how he has worked to overcome reductionism and evaluative bias. Topics covered include: neurodivergence as a continuum; personality as a lens through which to understand the impacts of the ‘enforced experiment’ of remote working during the pandemic and beyond; and effective leadership in the remote environment which appears to draw on some different personality characteristics to those of the traditional leader.

Dr Stewart Desson is the founder and CEO of international learning and development company, Lumina Learning. His focus is to ‘transform organisations through transforming their people’. Stewart has developed a wide range of learning resources and web-based psychometrics, including the renowned personality tool Lumina Spark. Through Lumina Learning, Stewart supports clients from around the world in the customisation of these learning resources to achieve effective change at the organisational, team and individual level.

Stewart is a highly experienced Business Psychologist and Organisational Development consultant. His special areas of expertise include Team effectiveness, Communication, Personal Development, Executive Coaching and Leadership skill development.

Those interested in participating in the research study mentioned by Stewart at the end of the podcast are invited to email Lumina Learning at or to reach out to Stewart at

Rob Feltham is Podcast Editor of The ABP.

Listen to “Episode 29: The curse of evaluative bias in psychometrics and moving beyond it – A conversation with Stewart Desson, CEO of Lumina learning” on Spreaker.

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