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Rob Briner is an inspirational thought leader in the field of evidence based practice in management and HR. In a wide ranging discussion with Rob Feltham he highlights the dangers of business psychologists and other practitioners becoming submersed in “activity” without considering sufficiently how their work addresses the client organization’s overall goals and needs. He also highlights the potential for business psychologists to deploy their skills to greater effect in the businesses they serve, and the need for better training of psychologists in this regard.

Rob is Professor of Organizational Psychology at Queen Mary, University of London and was co-founder and Scientific Director of the Center for Evidence-Based Management ( His research has focused on topics including well-being, emotions, stress, ethnicity, the psychological contract, absence from work, motivation, work-nonwork and everyday work behaviour. He has written for and presented to practitioners on many aspects of HR and organizational psychology and is now involved in various initiatives aimed at developing and promoting evidence-based practice, work for which he has received several prestigious awards. He is regularly invited as a keynote to international conferences and consults and delivers workshops to a range of public, private and third sector organizations.

Rob Feltham is Podcast Editor of The ABP.

Listen to “Episode 34: Stop, think and ask ‘what is the problem’ ? A conversation with Professor Rob Briner” on Spreaker.

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