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In a special edition of the ABP podcast series, recorded during Black History Month 2023, we hear Joy Maitland in conversation with Dawn Nicholson. The discussion delves deep into the heart of inclusivity, unravelling the immense potential that lies within embracing diversity and exploring the boundless strength that diverse perspectives bring to the table. Diversity isn’t just a buzzword. It is the secret sauce to innovation and understanding. Drawing from a wealth of psychological expertise and practical insights gained from real-life experiences, Joy shares examples of how embracing diversity of various forms can turn the mundane into the extraordinary. Other topics covered include organisational culture, psychological safety, and Black History Month itself which this year incorporates the theme of ‘saluting our sisters’.

Joy is a multi-award-winning Business Psychologist, Organisational Development Consultant and Executive Coach, and the author of ‘From Alpha to Zen: Leadership for a Brave New World.’ With extensive experience in senior-level corporate management, Joy holds fellowships with the Institute of Directors, the Institute of Leadership, and the Chartered Management Institute. Throughout her career, Joy has worked with renowned global brands such as Vodafone, 3M, Sony, RBS, and Credit Lyonnais. In 2005, she launched Inemmo Leadership Development Solutions. This venture followed her role as Group Director Operations at Taylor Nelson Sofres, a prominent FTSE 250 firm. Joy also currently holds the position of Non-Executive Director and Vice Chair at the Plane Saver Credit Union. She has served as a Trustee Board Member of The Institute of Leadership and later as an Independent Director on their Nominations and Succession Committee. Additionally, she has contributed her expertise as a board director at the Amos Bursary and as Vice Chair of the Ekaya Housing Association.

Dr Dawn Nicholson is Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor), Business & Organisational Psychology at University of Kent, and a Board Member of the ABP.

Listen to “Episode 35: Infinite perspectives, embracing the power of diversity -– A conversation with Joy Maitland, Managing Director of Inemmo UK” on Spreaker.

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