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Matthew Taylor

Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive at the RSA and author of ‘Good Work. The Taylor Review of Modern Work Practices’.


Matthew was asked last by Her Majesty’s Government to develop proposals to improve the lives of this country’s citizens. He speaks to Lucy Standing about this review:


“To pull the review together, we held public hearings around the country. Review members and officials hosted innumerable round table and small group discussions, across just about every week of the Review’s ten month life I have made speeches to audiences small and large, specialist and general. At a time when we sometimes see scepticism towards policy making processes, I have been encouraged and inspired by the positive, constructive and thoughtful response our work has received from people ranging from employment lawyers to gig workers. Not everyone has agreed with our emerging ideas, but just about everyone has been supportive of our efforts and respectful of our aims.


In my talk for the ABP, I’ll be covering the main themes and conversations the report covers:

  • I’ll look at the recruitment and development angle
  • Social justice and the emerging theme that companies need to do more good work
  • The role of technology in the new and emerging ways of work


Now that this agenda is up and running, I’d like to also share my thoughts around how we and specifically psychologists and ABP members can do to help push what I see as being three main areas for focus:

  1. How to build commitment in organisations to good work – not only from the perspective of being ‘the right thing to do’ but also from the perspective of this being good for business and business dynamism.
  2. Measurement.  For anything to be assessed it does need to be measured.  The RSA has been working on this aspect since the report and we are publishing our report on this on Friday (7th September).  It is likely our recommendations for what to measure will be adopted by government so will share this.
  3. The importance of avoiding technological determinism.  Rather than accepting what happens, we need to shape and help scope the conversation and outcomes. “


Given the context of the conference, no doubt this talk will be impactful and inspiring.  As psychologists, we need to be operating at a wider level where our work and passion has more impact.  Hearing from someone who is helping shape government policy and who will be able to answer questions related to that will cover an angle we’ve all too often missed at previous ABP conferences.

If you’d like to read more about the work Matthew has done and review the report before attending, it is available for free online here:


Matthew Taylor has been Chief Executive of the RSA since November 2006. During this time the Society has substantially increased its output of research and innovation, has provided new routes to support charitable initiatives of its 29,000 Fellows and has developed a global profile as a platform for ideas.  In July 2017 Matthew published the report ‘Good Work’; an independent review into modern employment, which was commissioned by the UK Prime Minister.

Prior to this appointment, Matthew was Chief Adviser on Political Strategy to the Prime Minister. Previous roles include Labour Party Director of Policy and Deputy General Secretary and Chief Executive of the ippr the UK’s leading left of centre think tank.

Matthew is a regular media performer having appeared several times on the Today Programme, The Daily Politics and Newsnight. He had written and presented several Radio Four documentaries and is a panellist on the programme Moral Maze.  He has posted over a thousand times on his RSA blog site and tweets as @RSAMatthew.

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