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The ABP Treasurer

Association of Business Psychology

The Association for Business Psychology (ABP) is looking for a new voluntary Treasurer to oversee the next phase of our story. You may or may not be a business psychologist yourself, but you may want to expand your network, transfer your skills and experience, and become part of improving business performance and the quality of working lives through a Board position at the ABP.

We are at a unique time in the ABP’s development: we do not aspire to become a faceless or large organisation, but we do want to grow and become more professional. We want to provide deeper and better support to our members and there is an extent to which we can rely on our volunteer resources to do this. We would like our new Treasurer to help us drive member numbers to a point where income generated allows for the investment in more paid supporting resources, but we do not want to get to a size beyond remaining a small and friendly but highly professional association. We are a friendly and inclusive Board who will help to support and on-board the successful applicant fully, and this role will work well for someone wanting to join a Board in order to extend their network, supporting initiative which resonate with them.

The ideal person:
• You need to be strategic and commercially minded, having the ability to understand finances and demonstrate a track record of helping to drive growth.
• You also may or may not be a business psychologist, but an interest in understanding business psychology and some of the content of the ABP is advantageous.
• You need to demonstrate a strong orientation towards integrity: the ABP is an organisation where we are trusted by our members to spend their membership fee wisely. As an Officer role for the Association, you are a custodian of our values. These need to be demonstrated visibly and publicly.
• Teamwork: related to the above point, the main reason any volunteer is involved is because they get something from the experience of being a board member. This role should support, encourage and motivate people to be the best they can be – which is partly the relationships we build, but it is largely hands on support as and when needed.
• While much of the Treasurer role can be performed from anywhere, you should manage your expectations around this role taking up time. Realistically, you should allocate 2-3 hours per week to check in on finance team, approve invoices or follow up with Board members re budgets or expenses. In addition, the Treasurer will attend a 1.5 hour monthly virtual Board meeting (Monday evening at 6/6:30pm) and a one hour virtual bi-weekly Officers meeting with the Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary. In-person events (usually in London) will most likely limited to the annual Board strategy day and the AGM (for which travel expenses will be reimbursed).
• Evidence based approach. The ABP has a policy of not aligning itself alongside any specific providers or products however we are aligned to the value that the content we share and the people we offer a platform to should be able to demonstrate an evidence base to their work. You need to help champion and demonstrate you support this value.
• We welcome applications from under-represented groups including black and minority ethnic candidates and those with disabilities.

Main roles:
• Monthly Management Accounts meeting with CJAM (the ABP’s administrative agent) – approx. 1 hour each month
• Payment approvals – regular monthly invoices to approve plus any ad hoc recharges throughout the month
• Board meeting report prep – 1 hour each month
• Board meeting presentation of monthly figures – at 1 Board meeting (out of 2) each month
• AGM report preparation – 2 hours per year
• Annual budget discussions – liaising with stream leads for budget figures for the following financial year – starts November with subsequent chase up emails
• Budget discussion (pre-year-end) – with CJAM – approx. 2-3 hours each year
• Finalisation of budget – meeting with CJAM – post year end approx. 1 hour each year
• Annual audit meeting with CJAM & Independent Examiners – approx. 1 hour each year
• Audit Queries – ad hoc – mostly within Q1 to Q2 each year – via email
• Possible annual investment meeting – with CJAM and Hargreaves Lansdown to discuss ABP’s investment portfolio – approx. 1 hour each year
• Working with CJAM to make sure best practices are followed – i.e. making sure bank signatories are kept up to date
• Working with CJAM to review and update governance procedures as and when required – i.e. payment approval or invoicing processes
• Available for any ad hoc accounting queries
• Any other time for special projects as required

Support, payment and term:
• We are a friendly and inclusive Board who will help support and on-board the successful applicant fully. In terms of day-to-day finance support, the Treasurer is supported by a Finance Associate within CJAM (our Administrative Agent). In addition, the Board is supported by 2 part-time paid resources (Head of Projects & Head of Marketing), whose time is spent on projects as determined by the collective Officer group (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary).
• No remuneration is offered for the role, although you will be able to attend the annual ABP Conference for no fee (excluding accommodation and travel). Travel expenses to any in-person Board meetings will be reimbursed.
• There is no fixed term for the position, although it is expected you would remain in post for between two to three years (and you are permitted to stay in post for up to 6 consecutive years).
How to apply:
Please send an email detailing why you’d like to be considered for this role to – by 6.00pm on Friday 6 May 2022. As this is an Officer position on the ABP Board, the successful candidate will be co-opted for one year to the Board before being formally ratified by members, when the member nomination process will apply. At that point you will also be formally appointed as a Director of the ABP.

In your email, please explain in less than 750 words:
– Your professional background and achievements
– Any prior experience of volunteering for member organisations
– An example of what you might like to achieve with the Treasurer role
– How you fulfil the requirements of the role and what you feel the biggest challenge of the role would be for you.

Terms of this Advertisement:
The ABP reserves the right to close the deadline for applications early if a sufficient number of candidates have applied.
The ABP has a responsibility to its membership to ensure that a suitable field of candidates is screened for Officer vacancies, and reserves the right to extend the deadline or re-advertise the position if insufficient numbers have applied.

The ABP is an organisation that celebrates equal opportunities and we ensure that no applicant or volunteer receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, age, disability, religion, belief, sexual orientation, marital status, or race, or is disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be justifiable.
The ABP reserves the right to withdraw a role from advertisement if at any time during the course of recruitment a decision is made that represents an organisational change in demand.


To apply for this job email your details to

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