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Here Ben talks through the ABP’s themes and priorities for 2019. Watch the video, or read transcript below. If you have any thoughts or comments on this, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch!

Content, themes and internal priorities for 2019

Hello everyone,

I’m going to keep this brief because I got a bit of feedback that my last video went on a little bit but, what I’d like to do is take a couple of minutes to tell you about our priorities for 2019 as the ABP, both from a content perspective; so what we think are the important trends that are going to be emerging over the next year that we need to have a voice about; and regarding internal initiatives that will make the organisation run as smoothly and effectively as it can for our members.

At our board meeting on 10th December, the board brain stormed what we felt were the important issues facing our profession at the moment and we came out with a list of five, so I’m going to run through those with you at a top level.

The first one is around behavioural science, or behaviour economics as its also known. This is an area where there are lots of parallels with the work that we do, and I think there’s a lot of potential for cross pollination of ideas between the two disciplines, so this is something that we’d like to explore further over 2019, to see where the boundaries cross and where there’s potential for collaboration.

Secondly, from a diversity perspective we identified two different angles that we’d like to look at.  The first is the impact of aging upon work and how your different life stages canaffect your performance in the work place; in a development, career counselling and assessment context.  Secondly, we’ll talk about social mobility, both in attracting people to apply for jobs, to do their best in the selection process and then to make the most of their careers once they’re in post.

The third topic, following on from the talks that were at our last conference around the area of wellbeing, we’d like to focus upon wellbeing and general mental health awareness at work, which seem to be something that is a real hot topic for many employers at the moment.

Fourthly, we’ve got an ever-present strand of leadership but the consensus was that the primary things that are facing leaders right now are times of uncertainty and change, and how to manage the impact of uncertainty and change upon company culture, so that’s the fourth area.

Then finally the developments in terms of artificial intelligence.  Now we do have a relationship with the AI robotics and robotics directors’ forum, which is an annual event that we’ve co-run in the past, so we would like to share content from that but also come up with our own commentary on this.

So, through those five areas, that’s going to be I guess like a north star for us when we’re considering speakers, when we’re considering training courses over the next year; so if you have a view on any of those, then please get in touch.

Then for internal priorities, there are four main areas.

Firstly it’s around member and member benefits.  So not only do we have a dedicated board member who’s looking at member benefits but that’s going to be within all of our remits; so we’re going to be communicating better with you, we’re going to have better systems and processes, and we’d also like to grow our membership form a broader pool, so appeal to people who may not have previously thought of joining the ABP.

Secondly we want to be ore accessible.  So, this looks like more regional events, so again we have a member of the board recently appointed who’s going to be looking after our regional representation and co-ordinating the local groups.  There’s also going to be far more virtual events and recording of events, we’ve got a series of podcasts about to be published that take conference content but we’re also going to publish a whole host of new ones too.

Thirdly, we’d like to take a little look at our back-office functions, so IT, admin, operational support, and just making sure that we’re doing that as effectivelyas we can be and that we’re not re-inventing the wheel.

Then finally we’d like to promote the new certificate in Business Psychology that we offer and to try to link that in with the other things that we’re doing around training and events, so that people can see a clear link.

I think the only final thing to say is have a happy Christmas everyone, thank you for your support for this year and I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can in 2019.  Ok thanks, bye.

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