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Brent Hamerla

Founder and director of Shaping Talent People and Development Partner at BSI

Awards Lead
Brent is a business psychologist who specialised in coaching and management and leadership training, with a wealth of experience across various sectors.

Brent founded Shaping Talent consultancy in 2013 offering management & leadership development to a range of companies, where he specialises in helping new and struggling managers to transform their own and their teams’ performance.

Brent has a MSc in Occupational & Organisational Psychology and his thesis on recognising talent in the workplace won the Penna Prize for outstanding publication. Brent is married with two children and lives in Milton Keynes.

He is working in the role of Awards lead for ABP as he is passionate about the work being done in the business psychology sector and seeing people rewarded and highlighted for excellent achievements.

ABP Awards 2022
This session also includes the speaker

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