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Nathalie Nahai

Nathalie Nahai

Author of Webs of Persuasion and Business Unusual

Nathalie Nahai is an international speaker, author and consultant, whose books, Webs Of Influence and Business Unusual, explore the intersection between persuasive technology, ethics and the psychology behind evolving consumer behaviours. With clients including Google, Unilever, Accenture and Harvard Business Review, she teaches businesses how to ethically apply behavioural science principles to enhance their online presence, content marketing, product design and customer experience. A member of the BIMA Human Insights Council, she also hosts The Hive Podcast and speaks about the impact of emerging technologies in The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Stylist, and The Telegraph, as well as TV and radio.

Psychology of Online Persuasion & The Workplace

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