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Matthew Syed Consulting
Company bio:

Matthew Syed Consulting works with an impressive portfolio of global clients in the public and private sectors. Building on the work of best-selling author and influential thought-leader Matthew Syed, we establish thriving growth mindset cultures that drive higher performance in individuals, teams and organisations. Through a synthesis of leading psychological research and industry best-practice, we have developed a framework of proven tools and innovative strategies that empower organisational development and accelerate business outcomes.

Our Mission and Values
What makes businesses and individuals successful? Having a growth mindset – the understanding that in a complex world, the status-quo doesn’t provide all the answers. No matter how skilled people are, it is their willingness to learn from mistakes and adapt that makes them truly successful. An over-reliance our existing knowledge can hamper collaboration, but if we embrace challenges and see our failures as opportunities to learn, we can unlock our full potential and accelerate the performance of our teams.

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