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Training Review 2

With the introduction of the Awards event and the training programme, the ABP has moved a significant step forward to achieving one of the main objectives for the ABP in 2014 which was to take an increasingly proactive role in supporting practitioners.

Clodagh O’Reilly, the ABP Chair offered further insight into the reasons for providing the training programme:

“The Training Programme has been created to demonstrate our support for the education and development of our members and the wider community in the study and practice of Business Psychology.  The Training Programme also reflects our desire to include with equal merit all professionals who apply the principles of Business Psychology in their work”.

With that context in mind, the training programme has been developed to provide useful insight and instruction in a practical format to those who seek to apply business psychology at work.  Even within a relatively specialised field, we have members who practise in niche markets so we’ve tried to provide a training programme which offers something for everyone. Lucy Standing who has helped to pull the 2014 programme together elaborated:

Courses such as critical incidents technique workshop run by Steve Whiddett covered the practical skills anyone should have when conducting a fact finding exercise.  Likewise, in October Helen Baron is running a workshop on ‘how to bust a research paper’ because any practitioner could benefit from a refresher or in many cases an introduction on how to understand, critique and evaluate research papers. 

However, we’ve also tried to provide more specialist workshops – a coaching masterclass took place in March and for those who work as assessment specialists, in June we provided a free workshop (to ABP members) on using the dimensions personality questionnaire, and we’ve just run a workshop aimed more at students or those wanting to transition into the business psychology profession”. 

Louise Burke, Marketing Manager of Talent Q, this year’s training course sponsor also had this to say:

“We are very happy to be associated with the development of business psychology professionals.  We believe in continuous professional development and we see this as a good opportunity to help others whilst at the same time raising our own profile amongst a credible and professional membership organisation which isn’t limited solely to occupational psychologists.  Many of our clients are in the wider business and HR community so we like the balance the ABP offers”.


Delivering value

With any programme, we will always look to continuously improve.  Adina Tarry has recently been elected in the role of Strategic Innovations and Business Services, with the remit of specifically looking at ways to improve and update the value we deliver to our members. To this end, we will be reviewing our member related activities – training, monthly speakers, conferences, awards – to ascertain how they currently add value and reflect the ABP’s commitment to bringing best practice business psychology to the workplace and our clients. This vision involves researching, aligning and upgrading such activities, as well as developing new ones, by using members’ feedback, amongst other methods.

Introducing the 2015 programme

We have some great courses to attend later next year, including:

  • Repertory grids: a key psychology tool for getting people to think differently, with Steve Whiddett. Develop a clear understanding of what and how repertory grids can be used, their benefits and how use them effectively. Friday, 23rd January
  • Personality tests compared, with Roy Childs. This workshop takes people through the minefield of tests and questionnaires and asks ‘what is the real difference? Friday 27th February
  • How to engage employees through social media, with Nicola Strong. Employee engagement is a hot topic. Llikewise, so is social media – but is it a distraction or a tool for better productivity? Friday 20th March
  • A practical, step-by-step approach to designing assessment centre exercises, with Rebecca Stevens. A very practical workshop which will give you the skills to tailor existing or design your own assessment centre exercises. Friday 17th April
  • Removing the rocket science from online assessment: how to sell, design and manage online assessment projects, with Alan Redman. Aimed at independent practitioners, a very practical session designed to cover each aspect you need to consider when building an online assessment process. Friday 22nd May
  • Golden Personality Type Profiler training, with Talent Lens. Golden Personality Type Profiler accrediation session, which combines Type with elements of Trait personality. Free of Charge for ABP members. Limited places available. Friday 26th June.


Find out more

For more information and to book onto any of these workshops, click here.

Thank you to all members so far who have attended the 2014 workshops .The ABP does need its members to attend events for us to able to break even and cover costs so we also ask that you show your support for our efforts by engaging with the programme. Even if you can’t attend an event yourself, encourage others who you think would benefit from the training courses to come along.  We’re always interested in hearing your thoughts and ideas about the programme.

If there is training in an area you’d like to see the ABP providing, then do please get in touch:

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