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Tiered Leadership Development

When professional services firm, The Gap Partnership, set themselves ambitious growth targets, they recognised the value that Business Psychology could bring in preparing their Leadership team for the challenge. They worked with Business Psychologists from Indigogold to develop preparedness for…

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Creating an Internal Career Coaching Service

When feedback from a range of sources showed that PwC’s employees felt career development support was lacking, the firm responded directly. They acted to further improve employee retention, mobility and their brand, as a leading professional services firm. The Careers…

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The Disruptive Talent Factor

Leading a new business venture is not for the fainthearted. Selecting the right leaders for these ventures can be equally daunting. When confronted with these challenging talent decisions, the Board of Directors at AB Agri trusted Business Psychologists to guide…

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Teaching Efficient Behaviours

In this case study Business Psychologists were retained to develop the consultancy skills of 48 Internal Consultants, employed by a national retail organisation with approximately 90,000 staff. Business Psychology models and methods were applied in the development approach, as well…

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Talking Change

This case study is set in a mature pharmaceutical company located in Northern Europe, with historically high financial returns. Traditionally, the culture at this company challenged the value of change and of improvement tools. However, the client was keen to…

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Psychology in Forensic Examination

When we watch shows like CSI, about crime scene investigation, the specialists seem so determined to pursue “the truth.” The truth however is that many Forensic Experts do not recognise when their impartiality and objectivity are compromised by exposure to…

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Person-Centred Culture Change

Lancaster University is a leading academic institution that aims to retain its Top 10 university ranking in the UK. But it has not always held that impressive rank. Before it reached this level, some entrenched processes and people had to…

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Making Smart Motorways Safe Motorways

For probably the first time, Occupational Psychology and Human Factors Professionals were included in the process of motorway design in the UK. Highways England commissioned teams from Amey and Arup to design two new Smart Motorway schemes on the M1…

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Making Roads Safer

This is the account of a partnership, between industry and academia, that applied Business Psychology to save lives! Together they conducted innovative research into driving behaviour and the design of heavy goods vehicle (HGV) cabs. Their objective was to improve…

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