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Apprenticeships Scheme

Apprenticeships: What’s holding you back?

When my firm (Pepper (UK) Limited), took on its first apprentice in 2015 it was with a philanthropic mindset.  Pepper was doing well and wanted to give back to the local community by providing learning opportunities for younger people.  We…

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Who to follow on LinkedIn

Authors: Stephanie Toull, Jason Phillips, Shanon O'Donnell, Jess Holmes   Networking is an essential aspect of developing your career. It enables you to exchange ideas, learn from others, keep up to date with recent research and best practices, increase your…

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Money Can’t Buy You Love – An Early Career Reflection

“…Insights into what really motivates me” Author: Jason Phillips (Research & PR Officer, ABPNexGen)   You can picture the scene – slotting the hard-bound copy of my undergraduate dissertation into the stuffed library labelled box, returning to my university home…

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Steering Through the Job Market During Lockdown

“Staying well-informed of the demands and changes of a job, requires you to continuously learn, reflect and evolve” Author: Uzma Waseem (Head of Early Talent, ABP)   As a jobseeker you are now facing a hugely different landscape compared to…

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Making Attitudinal Pivots in Uncertain Times

“Impact more, worry less” Author: Lusine Magakian   Who would have expected us to be avoiding mass gatherings, restaurants, be working from home and be quarantined all together just a few months ago...? Who would have guessed that financial markets…

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Continuous Professional Development (CPD) – Where to Begin?

‘Reflections from an ardent learner’ Author: Stephanie Toull (Talent Development Executive)   Whether you trained to become a Business Psychologist immediately after completing your bachelors, or retrained after a lengthy career, it is essential that you invest your time in…

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Could curiosity be your hidden SUPERPOWER?

"Embrace the not knowing: Use curiosity to learn and form better relationships" Author: Wendy Teo (Marketing & Communications Director)   Starting out in a new career, organisation, or even a different role can be challenging. This might be what attracted…

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Creating a Positive Self-Narrative for Career Success

“We can always shape that story into something more empowering” Author: Kristian Lees-Bell (Business Psychologist & Hypnotherapist)   Making the transition from postgraduate to securing your first role in Business Psychology is a unique challenge. The career opportunities inherent in…

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