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In this episode of POW, the Psychology of Work podcast, we preview this year’s ABP conference on 10th and 11th October. The theme of this year’s conference is ‘The Big Nudge: Behavioural Economics meets Business Psychology’, and features exclusive interviews with three people at the forefront of applying behavioural economics/science in business, who are speaking at this year’s conference. Kate Waters is the Director of Client Strategy and Planning at ITV, the UK’s largest commercial broadcaster, and one of the UK’s leading advertising planners – she describes how psychology was used to address a key public health issue: smoking. Rory Sutherland, vice-chair of Ogilvy UK, TED talk superstar and author of a brilliant new book ‘Alchemy: The Surprising Power of Ideas That Don’t Make Sense’ (that conference attendees will receive FREE) describes how behavioural science can be used to solve business problems. And finally, Kate Glazebrook, co-founder and CEO of Applied, describes how they are using latest latest evidence from behavioural science and new technology to address problems in diversity and inclusion in recruitment and assessment. ABP chair Ben Williams and vice-chair Lucy Standing also provide their views on the intersection of behavioural science and business psychology, and the value both can bring to business.

Listen to “Episode 5: The Big Nudge – the 2019 ABP Conference, with Kate Waters, Rory Sutherland and Kate Glazebrook” on Spreaker.

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