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Levelling Up- Are We Squandering Potential?

The U.K. government has set out a range of ‘Levelling-Up’ policy interventions to address regional inequalities that exist across the country, investing in towns and cities as well as rural and urban areas, pushing for greater educational opportunities, and increasing…

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Event Report – Arup/London Underground presentation

Brian Woodhead, former Customer Services Director, London Underground Ben Renshaw, Leadership Consultant Jess Fraser, Arup Kathryn de Kort, Arup The presentation began with a rather disconcerting but powerful reflection on the mindsets of the presenters: they were each asked to…

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Event Report – ABP Book Club

Robin Hills EI4Change -20th August 2021 The purpose of this presentation was two-fold: To describe the content of the guide on Behaviour in Business To indicate how publishing can succeed in raising the profile of an author/ consultant at low…

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Event Report: Compassionate Leadership

Jeremy Cox 9th June 2021 Having a background in engineering and studying for an MBA was hardly an auspicious start for someone building a career in Compassionate Leadership.  But awareness that much of what was being taught about leadership on…

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Event Report: Affinity Coaching and Supervision

Emma Donaldson-Feilder 15th June 2021 Mindfulness is dependent on awareness, moment by moment; Relational Mindfulness is about taking this mindful awareness into speaking and listening with others. The learning from the workshop was about more than just the cognitive elements:…

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Event Report: Natwest Behavioural Science/Psychology Team

Dr. Peggy Marshall, CMBC, Global IOC Founder, Research Fellow University of Wales Dr. Ursula Clidiere, CBC, Global IOC Faculty Tuesday May 11th 2021 The continued if not increased need for business coaching in organizations is driven by rapidly changing business…

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Event Report: “The Change Curve”

Robin Hills John Fisher “The Change Curve”   14th April 2021 “Organisations don’t change but people do!” argued John Fisher in presenting his Change Curve theory, supported by Robin Hills with his practical experience of assisting individuals to unlock their…

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